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This one is off the weirdo meter! Japanese Fluorescent Fight in a Ring Match. June 16, 2009

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Zoinks! Two fighters! Alot of fluorescent tubes..and gulp* blood. This video is not for the faint of heart.. Evidentally this is really popular in Japan. From the video description:

From Hardcore Ladies
May 4, 2008

WARNING: not for the weak of heart

anyway, the badass ‘fro returns with one of the specialty matches she is currently known for: the fluorescent tubes match. being a freelance wrestler, she had stints at Dai Nihon Puroresu (or Big Japan Pro Wrestling) as a participant in several intergender light tube matches. this is her latest intergender match but it’s not under BJPW this time around slugging it out against yuko miyamoto.

you mess with the ‘fro, get ready to go!

Gadzooks! Whats next? Boxing with Halogens? Karate with LEDs? The mind boggles!
Dr. Z

Weird light tricks! January 30, 2009

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GadZooks! Its Dr Z, purveyor of light amidst lunacy! The above video speaks for its self. It shows someone turning a pencil into an emergency light.. Zoinks! I think it would be best not try this at home kiddies unless you want to chance a very severe jolt to your reality! Just sit back and enjoy somebody risking their life for your amusement!

Dr. Z