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Zoinks!The Livermore Lightbulb Makes the news! February 23, 2009

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Gadzooks! Its me, Dr Z! The pharoah of fluorescents and filaments! Exciting news ! The livermore lightbulb (See previous post) made the news on MSNBC!

Watch the above video and enjoy!

Dr Z



The World’s Oldest Working Lightbulb January 14, 2009

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The hardest working bulb in the business!

The hardest working bulb in the business!


ZOinkS! It Dr. Z ( www.zbulbs.com ) back again and coming to you from Zbulb labratories! I have come up with the perfect road trip for you bulb fanatics! Deep in the within a fire station in Livermore, California there is a incandescent light bulb that has been burning for over 100 years (most incandescents last at most 6 months to a year) This light bulb has even gained attention in Great Britain and the BBC even did a special article on it!
Check out what they had to say:

The Livermore Light

Less than 25 years after ‘the Wizard of Menlo Park’ secured his patent, the Shelby Electric Company made a carbon-filament lamp with a hand-blown bulb. To be more accurate, they made thousands, but one in particular found its way to the hose-cart house of the fire department of Livermore, California. It was first switched on in the summer of 1901. The same bulb is still working more than a hundred years later1. The claim of World’s Oldest Lightbulb has been verified by the Guinness Book of Records, and is said to be ratified by newspaper records and a technical audit by General Electric.

The ‘Livermore Light’ has burned continuously for most of its life, putting out a steady four watts or thereabouts. It originally served as a nightlight, illuminating the area where the fire-tenders were housed, but has long since progressed to the status of revered curiosity. It has been moved without mishap a couple of times over the years, most recently in 1976 to the current site of the station at 4550 East Avenue.

The bulb’s hundredth birthday was celebrated on 8 June, 2001 with a community barbecue. Three bands provided live music: one contemporary, another playing 1950s tunes and the third performing in the style of the first years of the 20th Century. The Livermore Light has its own website and is open to visits by the public.  http://www.centennialbulb.org/photos.htm

The above link has a web cam where you can see the bulb burning up close and personal! Yowza! Its not the brightest bulb but its there for the long haul.

Zoinks! I’m over and out.

Dr. Z

Livermore, CA (turned on 1901-1905)

Livermore, CA (turned on 1901-1905)