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Chinese man munches on 1500 ‘crispy, delicious’ lightbulbs! May 4, 2010

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Once you get past the crunchy glass shell the burst of flavor from the tungsten filament is to die for!

Zowie! Not many people are aware of the ancient practice of eating lightbulbs..Umm probably for good reason considering all the glass.. wire.. and metal… sheesh! I suppose you can develope a taste for anything. I prefer mine in their sockets.. Read below and shudder..
Dr. Z

Melbourne, May 4 (ANI): A middle-aged man claims to have eaten 1500 light bulbs over his life after developing a liking for their crispness.

Buzz up!Metro newspaper in the UK reports that Wang Xianjun, 54, of Sichuan Province, started to snack on broken glass because he says it is “crispy and delicious.”

“I accidentally swallowed a piece of thick fish bone, but nothing happened. With curiosity, I tried several pieces of broken glasses secretly and nothing happened also,” the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.

“I am not eating it every day, but from time to time. I only eat the light bulb during my breakfast, and each day no more than one bulb,” he said.

Wang first smashes the light bulb before swallowing it piece by piece, sipping from a glass of water. (ANI)


Zoinks!Dr. Z is back! April 7, 2010

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Gadzooks.. After along hiatus.. I have returned to my beloved lightbulb blog. You know the only thing better than enjoying lightbulbs is writing about them! So stay tuned and be ready for more lightbulb info than you can shake a candle at! Yowza~!wee

Dr.Z and Mr. Y are back in the lab and ready to light some lights!