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Doctor Z on the Mighty Boosh Dance Contest! July 1, 2009

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check it out and comments are encouraged!

Dr. Z



Funny Light Bulb April 8, 2009

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Zoinks! This is what I have been warning people out for a long long time. Don’t put light bulbs in your mouth unless you are a trained professional!

Dr. Z


Light Bulb Astrology! or..How Many Leos Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb? March 23, 2009

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What on Earth is Light Bulb Astrology?

Zoinks!! Its me again! Dr. Z !  Here is a little light bulb astrology to mull over. Thanks to the Milky Way Maid!Enjoy!

Get Lit and Stay Lit

Dr Z



March 19, 2009

by Milky Way Maid

Aries: He’ll jump up to change it right away, but if you don’t have the right size/type bulb, he’ll forget all about it. If you wait a half hour for anything, he’ll forget about it and go on to the next chore.

Taurus: Wait, I’m not ready to change the bulb. I have to move the stack of ironing out of the way and them I’ll go down to the basement and dig out a bulb. Serves me right for buying whatever’s on sale; they never last. OK, now I’ve got it, now where is that Aries?

Gemini: Too busy answering emails and phone messages to actually do it. Is surveying everyone he knows about which brands are best.

Cancer: Loves every task involved in keeping up her beloved home, sweet home. Is only too glad to give her precious home a new light bulb.

Leo: Why don’t we rip out the old fixture and put in makeup lights around the bathroom mirror? How can I possibly look my best if I have to use this 50s-era bathroom to prepare for my entrance??

Virgo: Yes, Virgo has an assortment of new bulbs in organized trays by size and wattage in the basement. Takes 30 seconds to pull out a new one and efficiently replace the old one.

Libra: Honey, can we put in pink lights? They’re so much more flattering. And can I hold the ladder for you, honey? You know I love it when we work on a projects together. What do you think, dear?

Scorpio: Can find his way around in the dark very well. Forget the light bulb. Just take my hand, honey, and trust me.

Sagittarius: Ooh, it’ll be like roughing it. Let’s camp out in the back yard, I can put up a tent in no time. How about it?

Capricorn: Don’t get excited, it’s very simple and routine. Call Virgo to efficiently replace the bulb and bill me.

Aquarius: Better check the continuity on that lamp, it could be the wiring. Better yet, maybe we should rewire the whole house; this is a safety issue!

Pisces: Why does this house hate me? Last month it was the plumbing leak. Next month it’ll probably be the roof flying off. Take me now, Lord.




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Coming soon! February 6, 2009

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Video of the The Great Ligh Bulb Weeny Roast Experiment!

Coming Soon: Video of the The Great Ligh Bulb Weeny Roast Experiment!

Zoinks! Its me Dr Z the leader of luminiferous ether and sorceror of the seven rays of the sun. Are you ready to witness a step into the unknown? A jump into the great beyond? The most daring scientific experiment since NASA’s trip to the moon?!?!?

Prepare yourself for THE GREAT LIGHT BULB WEENY ROAST EXPERIMENT..coming soon on video. Starring Me Dr Z! and my cohort Mr. Y. Zoinks

Be there or be square!

Dr Z


Submit your light bulb jokes! January 13, 2009

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Chicks dig light bulbs!

Chicks dig light bulbs!


Zoinks! Dr. Z here. Special request to all you intrepid readers. We are looking for you all to submit your favorite light bulb jokes! In case you are not familiar with the concept of a light bulb joke I have included a third party expert definition below(Wikipedia) , along with an example. Please be sure to follow these strict guidelines as well as maintaining a sense of moral decency that been the cornerstone of our civilization for the last few thousand years… Harumpfh..


Dr Z

The lightbulb joke is an example of an endless-variations joke and has numerous versions that satirize a wide range of cultures, beliefs, occupations and groups.Generally, the punch line is derogatory to the group that is the subject of the joke.

The generally acknowledged “original” goes as follows:

Q. How many [insert target group here] does it take to change a light bulb?
A. Ten — one to hold the light bulb and nine to turn the ladder around.

Over and Out

Dr. Z