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Its me Dr. Z! Light bulbs are my life!
DR Z: Zoinks! There are few things I think about other than lightbulbs. Sometimes candles but mainly lightbulbs. Big lightbulbs, little lightbulbs, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, lightbulbs jokes, and especially new lightbulbs. Is there anything more exciting than screwing in a new lightbulb and flicking the switch for the first time?? The warm glow of tungsten. The futuristic sheen of a four foot fluorescent is something that makes me feel like Luke Skywalker choosing his lightsaber for the first time. But I digress..If you like light you might like me.

Dr. Z

Get lit and stay lit!




Mr. Y, the high roller of light bulb research circuit.

Mr. Y, the high roller of light bulb research circuit.

MR. Y: Hey! I’m Mr. Y, mover and shaker of the Dr.Z’s Lighthouse lab. I’m also Dr. Z’s best friend and partner in the search for hippest light in town.



Meet Dr Z's Green Team! The Leprechauns of Light!

Meet Dr Z's Green Team! The Leprechauns of Light!



1. Laurie Giardino - January 23, 2009

Dr. Z,
You have an interesting blog about light bulbs. Thank you for posting one about the World’s Greatest Electrician, Sal Giardino. If you would like to see more about the light bulb monument go to this link http://lauriegiardino.com/Sal.htm

2. ondrus - February 17, 2009

Hello Dr.Z,

Your blog is so different. Its amazing to be here….

3. knowledgetoday - March 31, 2009

I love your site. Keep it up !

4. Simon - May 21, 2009

Hi Dr.Z.
You have an unique and interesting blog.
I have added your blog in my squidoo lens.
Perhaps you can have a look.

5. power balance - January 23, 2011

This is really a extremely cool blog, thanks a lot for this! I’ve read a great deal about this topic within the past and I agree with you.

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