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ZOinks! NXP wants to give every light bulb an internet connection! Who said the future was dead? May 25, 2011

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Gadzooks! Lightbulbs are beginning to be the cure-all for all of society’s ills! Well..maybe not but they sure aren’t the light bulbs I grew up with! Check out this article about Semiconductor manufacturer NXP vision the new internet light bulbs!


Semiconductor specialist NXP has announced an innovative new way for businesses and consumers to reduce their energy usage: smart, internet-connected light bulbs that can talk to each other.

Demonstrated this week at the LightFair International Show, NXP – in partnership with TCP and GreenWave Reality – has developed a product it calls ‘GreenChip’, which it plans to use to create ‘smart lighting’ networks by giving every light bulb its own internet connection.

Adding additional power-draining hardware to a bulb to reduce energy use might seem counter-intuitive, but NXP believes it could have a massive impact on energy efficiency, through smarter, rather than dimmer, lighting.

“The GreenChip smart lighting solution signals a fundamental shift in the way we interact with lights – at home, in the office, even outdoors,” claimed NXP’s John Croteau. “By bringing together wireless IP connectivity with our energy-efficient lighting and power conversion technologies in a compact, low-cost solution, we are transforming the way we design, control and manage lights.”

Croteau envisions GreenChip technology being used to create lights that communicate with each other and with their owners via the internet, creating ‘intelligent lighting environments’ – lights that turn on and off when they’re needed, at a predetermined level of brightness.

“Our smart lighting solution also brings us one step closer to the ‘Internet of Things’,” Croteau claimed, “a world in which every home appliance can be monitored and controlled via an IP address.”

The GreenChip network is designed to operate on the same wireless frequencies used by ‘smart meter’ technologies, potentially allowing interoperation between the two systems – and the technology behind the network, known as JenNet-IP, will be made open-source for other manufacturers to add support to their products.

NXP has announced that reference designs of its Internet-connected light bulbs are available now, but has yet to suggest when the technology will be ready for a commercial launch.

Author: Gareth Halfacree



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2. Rich @ Luma Lighting - December 20, 2011

You can imagine if the government got involved if the energy situation got worse…automatically switching off people’s lights through the internet! Although it may be a good thing for offices who normally their lights on all night!

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