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Magazine finds eco-bulbs as light as old-style June 11, 2009

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spiral lights are everywhere!

spiral lights are everywhere!

Gadzooks! a great article from New Zealand.

Dr. Z


Energy saving eco-bulbs produce at least as much light as old-style bulbs, but you get what you pay for, according to Consumer magazine.

Consumer tested 17 eco-bulbs, including two dimmable bulbs, for brightness and long life, by comparing them with a standard 100W incandescent light bulb and turning them each on and off 6454 times.

It found that most eco-bulbs, or compact fluorescents, produced as much light as the old-style incandescent bulbs and good eco-bulbs produced substantially more.

A good quality eco-bulb would last well despite being turned off and on a lot. In most cases, major brand eco-bulbs lasted longer than cheaper brands.

Old-style incandescent bulbs turn just 5 per cent of electricity into light and the rest into heat, while the new eco bulbs turn about 80 per cent of electricity into light.

Spiral shapes were the best performers of the eco-bulbs, which ranged between 18W and 23W. They ranged in price from $2.93 to $25.92 each.



The bulbs produced more light than a standard 100W incandescent bulbs and none failed the “long life” switching test.

Two 60W halogen energy saver bulbs were also tested. They produced only about 75 per cent of the light output of a standard 60W bulb.



1. Aaron Griffith - June 17, 2009

CFLs are a great choice for energy and cost savings. However, they do need to be recycled so mercury doesn’t get into the environment. Read more about bulb recycling at my blog: blog.lamprecycling.com

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