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Light Bulbs and Dieting May 19, 2009

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Zoinks! Its me Dr Z! The Pharoah of Fluorescent loony for light bulbs. Did you know that using the right light bulb can help you if you are on a diet? Well I didn’t! Mr Y found this article when reading his favorite blog “chick chat” ( don’t ask)Check out the article below for how using the correct color of light can assist you in staying on your diet.

Get Lit Stay Lit

Dr Z


While interviewing color psychologist Steven Bleicher for today’s article on purple, Bleicher gave me an interesting diet tip. To help curb those frequent, mindless trips to the refrigerator, change the bulb in the fridge, he suggested.

“If you’re on a diet and you replace a white bulb with a blue bulb, the bulb changes the color of the foods and makes them look unappetizing,” said Bleicher.

“We relate the idea of blue and blue-green to mold and spoiled food,” he explained.

Because of this unconscious association, early humans avoided foods with blue pigments, so those foods slowly became extinct. That’s why today there are only a handful of blue foods founds in nature.

Bleicher, author of “Contemporary Color: Theory and Use” and a professor at Coastal Carolina University near Myrtle Beach, S.C., said that there are colors that make diners eat more.

“Yellows and oranges and bright reds stimulate the appetite. They stimulate the adrenal gland, so you order more and eat it faster and that’s what they want,” said Bleicher, referring to fast-food restaurants and their countless red and yellow signs that dot the streets.

“Sixty percent of your decision to buy an object is based on a certain color. And you usually make that decision very fast in 90 seconds,” he added.

So if you want to lose weight, train your mind to ignore the goodies hidden behind the red and gold signs and instead opt for a blue plate special.




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