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Home LED Light Applications April 10, 2009

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led pumkin: even pumkins go well with LEDs!

led pumkin: even pumkins go well with LEDs!

Gadzooks! Its me Dr. Z here to put forth some more great info on LED and what  application best suits them. Check out the article below for some useful tips!

Dr. Z



Can You Use LED Lights In Your Home?

LED Lights – Current Home Applications

LED lights appeared in the 60s but just recently have been used for home lighting applications for space lighting. Basically a LED is a semiconductor device which converts electricity into light. Obviously there’s more to it than that though.

For a not-too technical look at LED workings check out How Stuff Works.

Currently, LED lights, or Light Emitting Diodes are not appropriate for house wide lighting use. By design, LED lights are directional, meaning their light doesn’t spread all that well. That said, there are still pros to replacing some home lighting with LED lights.

  • LED bulbs burn cooler; a point that can help prevent fires.
  • LED burns more efficiently than incandescent, which saves energy and money. The monetary savings may be cut though, depending on where you get your lights. You can find them for the same cost as incandescents, but not always.
  • LED lighting is durable. Consumer Reports recently compared one of the more well known LED applications, , to regular incandescent bulbs. The LED bulbs far out-performed the incandescent. Research on small home LED light applications show the same.
  • LED lighting is healthier for the environment.

So, where can you use LED bulbs in your home. Most current research suggests that LED lights work best for small spaces, or places where you may need close-in direct light. Keep in mind that this is because LED lights burn in a more muted fashion, you’re not going to get bright light like you will with other choices.

Places LED works well include

  • Reading lights.
  • In stairways or closets.
    Recessed lighting.
  • Linear strip lighting.
  • As a night light.
  • To showcase something – an art piece for example.
  • Lights you see inside a glass door cupboard.
  • Outdoor and porch lighting.

Outdoor lighting is iffy. Some people like how LED looks outside while others think the light is too dim. I’ve heard both sides. Personally, I like the more muted look of LED, but if you need extra bright light outside, LED is not what you want. The best you can do is try. You can always replace a light.



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