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LED article. Are we going to get the lead out on using LEDS? March 16, 2009

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Zoinks! LED are the illumination device to be getting lots of press in the last year? Could they be the future of lighting? I don’t know… I still haven’t seen anything that has knocked my socks off (more on that later)but they would look good on the Starship Enterprise! The article below is a great introduction to some of the more positive views on LED technology!Dr Z


Future bright for LED lights in homes

Panasonic Electric Works Co.’s LED lighting equipment is displayed at the company’s new products showroom in Koto Ward, Tokyo.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that can be used as home lighting are becoming more common, but the cheaper-to-use and environmentally friendly devices are still relatively expensive to install.

Electric device makers are expanding their LED product lineups as production costs edge down, and are expected to become the principle lighting devices of the future.

LEDs are semiconductors that emit light when a current passes through them. The electric appliance industry has nicknamed LED technology as the fourth light, after candles, lightbulbs and fluorescent lamps.

LED lights are smaller, lighter, more durable and consume less electricity than conventional lighting products. They already are used in traffic signals, as back lights for cell phones and in other products. But it is only recently that LEDs have made the leap to household lighting equipment.

Toshiba Lighting & Technology Corp. is scheduled to release Wednesday LED lightbulbs that can be used with conventional lightbulb bayonet mounts. The products have the same level of brightness as a 40-watt lightbulb.

Though priced at 10,500 yen, including consumption tax, it is said to have a 40,000-hour life span. This makes the devices 40 times more durable than conventional light bulbs and about seven times that of the company’s fluorescent lamps. If an LED light was used for 10 hours every day, it would last more than 10 years. Because LEDs also use much less electricity than a lightbulb, using one for 40,000 hours–about 10 years of normal use–means electric bills would be about 20,000 yen lower than using an ordinary lightbulb for the same length of time.

Panasonic Electric Works Co. plans to increase its home-use LED lineup from 80 products to 210 starting next month. Its LED downlight priced at 25,620 yen has the same level of brightness as a 60-watt light bulb. The products’ life span also is 40,000 hours and is said to be able to cut annual utility fees by about 85 percent.

The biggest hurdle for LED lighting is the high price, but production costs are steadily declining.

Kuniaki Matsukage, Panasonic Electric Works’ director of lighting equipment, said, “Around 2012, I predict that prices of our LED products will be halved, and I believe they’ll be the most common form of lighting equipment.”

(Mar. 16, 2009)



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