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Can Light bulbs beat the winter blues? Article #2 February 5, 2009

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Even Jack Frost feels better under good lighting!

Even Jack Frost feels better under good lighting!

Zoinks ! Its me Dr. Z the pharoah of lightbulb fun. Here is another (see a previous post I made https://getlitstaylit.wordpress.com/2009/02/03/can-light-bulbs-beat-the-winter-blues/) great article on lighting and getting rid of the winter blues.  This one STL.com.

Shine some light on winter gloom


During the long darknesses of winter, your home’s lighting takes on added importance. And when it comes to creative choices, there are many possibilities.

Here are just a few worth looking into:

Rope lighting

Rope lighting can add drama and interest. It’s nothing more than flexible plastic tubing that contains a tiny light every few inches. Rope lighting is approximately ½-inch in diameter and can easily be concealed behind the front edge of cabinets, above crown molding, even as edging on stairs and counters. It is easy to work with, and sometimes comes with an extension cord that can be painted to match the existing baseboard or wall.
Compact fluorescent lighting

Compact fluorescent lighting is still the best bang for your buck. Bulbs are available to fit just about every conventional light socket, and they last forever. Take your time and shop wisely. For a couple of bucks, you can pick up a compact fluorescent light that will last for nearly a decade. Old-fashioned tungsten bulbs just don’t cut it anymore.


 GadZooks! Maybe thats why I’m so darn happy all the time! Wowie Zowie Zooom!

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