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Can Light bulbs beat the winter blues? February 3, 2009

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Zoinks! maybe frosty just needs to use the right light bulb?

Zoinks! maybe frosty just needs to use the right light bulb?

Gad-Zooks! it me Dr Z.
It mid winter and a lot of people can be feeling a little tired or sluggish and even downright awful. Well alot of things can help this such as excersize and diet but did you know that some doctors think light might be the best cure? Check out this article that ran in Green
Buzz up! Winter’s cold temperatures, early sunsets and record snowfalls may have more residents experiencing bay-Press Gazzette (Wisconsin knows a thing or two about cold temps)

Wintertime sadness may not be cabin fevercabin fever.

But for sufferers of seasonal affective disorder, reactions to the winter blues are much more serious, said Jay Livingston, Aurora Health Care psychotherapist.

“It’s a situation where people notice a worsening of depressive symptoms occurring in the winter months, typically late fall around October,” he said.

Research has been done to show that those in the northern climates, like Green Bay, are more prone to seasonal affective disorder, he said.

“Probably one out of five people in northern climates will experience this sometime in their life,” Livingston said.

Symptoms can include increased sleeping, increased appetite and weight gain and general feelings of depression and feeling down.

“It’s something that usually continues through the winter months and improves on its own as the days start getting longer,” Livingston said.

Seasonal affective disorder might be more common in women, especially those between the ages of 18 and 30. Livingston said there are varying opinions as to why that might be.

Direct exposure to light is a main cure for seasonal affective disorder, and increased exercise and a healthful diet are also encouraged, he said. If those don’t help, a health professional should be contacted.

Light therapy, using lighting that mimics outdoor light, can also be effective, he said, adding that a number of insurance companies now pay for the treatment.

Livingston said those who feel they could be suffering from seasonal affective disorder should contact their family physician with concerns.

“We do see a lot of these cases,” he said.

Zoinks! Lets maybe I’m on to something! I alway feel like spring chicken after working in my Lighthouse lab!

Till next time

Get lit and stay lit

Dr. Z






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