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Recycle those Compact Fluorescents! January 30, 2009

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Zoinks! Its Dr Z, the philospher of fluorescent, the grand poobah of bulb, and seeker of the light of truth…Gaspp*Compact Fluorescents! Did you know they contain mercury? You don’t want just throw these guys in the dumpster when their life has ended. Mercury is a hazardous waste so you want to make sure and recycle them! So what do you do to recycle them? Well, thankfully our heroes at the EPA (the Environmetal Protection Agency) have put up a website detailing where and how you can recycle these little guys! You don’t want throw out the environmental benefit of the bulbs out the window! Check out the link below for more info!



Zoinks! Mercury is Hazardous waste! Recycle those CFL's gang!

Zoinks! Mercury is Hazardous waste! Recycle those CFL's gang!

Dr. Z




1. Elcoj - February 5, 2009

Hi there,
Great job. But not enought info. Where can i read more?


2. Dr. Z Bulbs - February 5, 2009

ZOinks! Hi Elcoj!
What is the specific info you are looking for? The EPA’s site is great for info but I certainly can answer any questions to! 🙂

Dr Z

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