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What happens when a Tesla coil meets a fluorescent tube and incandescent light bulb.. January 23, 2009

Posted by Dr. Z Bulbs in Weird Bulb News.
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GaZooks! Its Dr. Z

So Tesla coil goes into a room and meets a fluorescent tube and an incandescent lightbulb..nyuck nyuck nyuck. Not sure if there is any redeeming value to this video other than it has lightbulbs in it (which is enough for me) and a tesla coil (is a type of recircuit invented by Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla around 1891.[1] It is generally used to generate very high voltage, low current, high frequency alternating current electricity. Wikipedia) Nikola Tesla having a rather precarious relation to my friend Mr Y. More on that later.. Just sit pack and enjoy

Dr Z




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