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Greenpeace Dimmable Lightgarden January 22, 2009

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Dr. Z's garden of eden

Dr. Z's garden of eden

ZOinks! Its me Dr. Z, the Photon Maximus and bulb-a-holic!
So what is a “Greenpeace Dimmable Lightgarden” you may ask? No.. its not an obsucure psychedelic nugget from 1966. Thats a different kind of green if you know what I mean..heh heh cough*.. Anyways ..lets get serious! The Greenpeace dimmable lightgarden is actually a really cool presentation done by the people of Greenpeace to unveil the new dimmable CFL. Check out the article below to read more!

 Dr. Z




September 24, 2007
by Kate Andrews

The UK’s first fully dimmable energy efficient light bulb was launched today, as part of a Greenpeace initiative at 100% Design London. Greenpeace commissioned top designer Jason Bruges to create an interactive garden of light, which responds to human movement through “touch pads” dotted around the installation. This is the first lighting project of its kind in the world to use fully dimmable, compact fluorescent bulbs.

Greenpeace explains:
“Energy efficiency is one of the most powerful tools we have for fighting climate change, and this installation will prove that going green doesn’t mean sacrificing good design. The bulbs themselves have been nominated in the “most innovative lighting” category at the 100% Design London awards, and the installation has been moved to the front of house feature space. It’s a sure sign that the exhibition organisers have realised that they have something new and exciting on their hands.”

Gad-Zooks! This makes me green with envy. Dr. Z needs a dimmable lightgarden!




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